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Fresh awareness campaign for an aging brand resulted in $440,000 in sales


Press releases and media outreach directly led to . . .

A series of non-paid reprints and requests for images & info, which resulted in . . .

National exposure, magazine features, and $440k+ in increased sales

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Fonon Corporation is a 30-year-old manufacturer of laser cutting systems.  A stale brand, its sales were flagging.  General public awareness of the company was zero, and brand trustworthiness was nearly nonexistent, even among long-term clients.

A series of weekly press releases and media engagement activities led to international exposure in an industry magazine and the opportunity to take a strong, positive position.  The company was featured on equal footing with two multibillion-dollar competitors, and Fonon thought leaders provided the bulk of the industry information used in the article.

A single press release from this campaign was viewed over 3 million times, and the overall exposure directly led to $440,000 in new sales.  This campaign directly contributed to Fonon Corporation’s first quarter as a publicly-traded company with a positive cash flow and new resources to expand.

How would your brand and bottom line benefit from positive awareness?

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