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Highly technical information can be translated into messages that build brand awareness and increase consumer confidence, without losing their technical punch

In addition to creating this document, English Marketing Service also translated it for international audiences.

A single service provider builds total consistency across all creative assets and a stronger overall brand.

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Highly technical, audience-friendly case study

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The Dole Food Company is the largest food company in the world, and was named “World’s Most Ethical Company” by Ethisphere magazine.  It is arguably the most consumer-friendly brand on the global Fortune 100.  The bulk of its business is performed over the Internet via web applications, including its field-to-fork food tracking, its international shipping, and sustainability efforts.  The corporate website alone receives in excess of 2.2 million unique visitors every month.


To protect these online properties and their customers’ private information from malicious activities on the Internet, Dole’s managed service provider created the XyberShield service, a web application defense delivered entirely as a Software-as-a-Service.  Unique to the world, XyberShield is highly technical and needed to be evangelized in a way that would excite and inform potential customers.  Negative emotions associated with online crime needed to be overcome.  Complex, esoteric information regarding the service’s operation had to be understood and explained.

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The Dole - XyberShield success story was researched and written in the span of a single week, including two rounds of review and feedback by subject matter experts.  Used internally by Dole and publicly by XyberShield’s inventors, the document was also translated for international audiences by English Marketing Service.


Click on the document image to read a PDF of the entire success story.


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