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3D Animated Modeling

3D animation for Philips Sonicare

Realistic interactive product demos

Look closesly - these images were built completely on a computer

The Flexcare Platinum is one of Philips Sonicare's most popular lines of electric toothbrushes.  It comfortably delivers over 31,000 brush strokes per minute, and is considered to be nearly 7 times more efficient at cleaning teeth than a conventional toothbrush.

For this television commercial, our team created a complete interactive 3D model of the product, which was used not only to realistically demonstrate its capabilities, but provide potential customers and operators a macro-level "X-ray vision" experience with a product they use every single day.  Hopefully at least twice a day.


This 3D model can be used in a variety of additional ways to surprise and delight potential customers of Philips Sonicare.


Hyper-realistic virtual product demos like this one, available from English Marketing Service, can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as

  • Television commercials

  • On-demand training applications, delivered via mobile device or web

  • Interactive product demos

  • 3D walkthrus of locations

  • Tradeshow videos

  • Safety demonstrations

  • Immersive sales collateral

  • Hands-on troubleshooting instruction

  • Support videos

  • Design concept and iteration

We create realistic product renders, 3D models, and interactive animations from whatever material you can provide us - photos, CAD data, or scanned point cloud.  

Your marketing messages and training material will stand out like nothing else in your space.  


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