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Highly technical information can be translated into messages that build brand awareness and increase consumer confidence, without losing their technical punch

Your audience deserves memorable messaging which

  • Captures their attention

  • Builds your credibility

  • Addresses their concerns

  • Showcases your brand identity

  • Motivates them to take action

  • Increases your conversion rates

Well-crafted messaging pieces keep telling your story even after you've left the room.

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Sales Collateral


Highly technical, audience-friendly sales brochure

Click here to read the English language version.

A great sales brochure can enhance a business's marketing and sales strategies by effectively communicating its value proposition, engaging customers, building credibility, and guiding them toward taking desired actions.

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This brochure was researched, written, and laid out in the span of a single week, including two rounds of review and feedback by subject matter experts. 


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English Marketing Services specializes in several types of brand messaging, including

  • Sales materials

  • Website copy

  • Google Adwords

  • Technical datasheets

  • Ad copy

  • Sales scripts

  • Media messaging


What do you wish your customers knew about you?

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