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Brand refresh and new technolgy for a 35 yr-old Orlando mainstay, focused on core company values


New website and overall brand refresh

Aggressive trade show campaign and focused industry presence 

Upgraded technology and methods for sales lead generation


Since the early 1980s Evans Equipment Company has provided material handling products to Orlando businesses, primarily to local theme parks.  Under new ownership, Evans looked to rebrand and expand its solution set into hospitals, restaurants, logistics companies, food and beverage companies, and other businesses across the Southeast. 


A new name and a new logo set the stage for a complete refresh of the company brand, including the  introduction of new technologies and practices for lead generation and communication.  Successfully relaunching as Evans Material Solutions was a 7-month project, and resulted in the following:

  • Higher visibility and relationships with industry associations and new partners 

  • A completely new website (link)

  • Development of new graphics and guidelines for a consistent brand and messaging

  • Sales materials and business development tools for new solutions & new markets

  • Additional methods for lead generation

  • Implementation of Customer Resource Management solution, benefitting Sales, Customer Support, Operations, and executive oversight.

  • Staff training on new materials, processes, and technologies

  • Email campaigns to existing and potential customers, including an approach to former clients

  • Press releases tracking the crescendo of new capabilities and solutions

  • A customer satisfaction campaign

Personnel from English Marketing Service designed and staffed the booth presence for Evans at 4 trade shows and industry events.


Due to marketing outreach and consistent PR, Evans was featured in the Dealer Spotlight of a key partner.  Lead generation activities generated an average of 155 new sales leads per month in the local Orlando market.

In addition to providing executive insights into the sales and marketing process, a system was implemented to track the return on investment of all sales and marketing activities.

How would your brand and bottom line benefit from the latest technology and a fresh marketing approach?

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Ah, the fun stuff! 

Who are we kidding - it's all fun stuff!

Conception, planning, writing, layout, and publishing -- English Marketing Service can help with several different types of consumer-facing writing projects.

Consumer Writing Projects


Samples of pitch deck and pilot script available upon request

Spyron is an episodic World War 2 action drama series based on several true stories of regular people in extraordinary circumstances.


Netflix estimates the budget required for production to be $500k - $600k per episode.

The project required the following competencies:

  • Project management

  • Historical research

  • Subject matter expert interviews (in-country, in language)

  • Creation of a winning pitch deck

  • Financial estimation and management

  • Negotiation

  • Writing teleplay treatments

  • Writing and proper formatting of screenplays

The project required:

  • Extensive research and planning

  • Formatting and layout in Adobe InDesign

  • Graphic design using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Proofreading, editing

  • An understanding of the various publishing models

  • Physical book preparation

  • Electronic book preparation

  • A Marketing campaign encompassing the launch of each book, press releases, blog interviews, Facebook marketing, speaking engagements, and various additional promotional activities.


The Jack Be Nimble thriller series spent several weeks on the Amazon Top 100 and was released simultaneously on other platforms in ebook and physical formats.

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