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Front-line team members are the embodiment of your brand.  


The only guaranteed lightning strike for your customers is that first person-to-person experience.  


Our proven system ensures the first impression is the best impression.

Realistic interactive product demos
Realistic interactive product demos
Realistic interactive product demos
Realistic interactive product demos
Realistic interactive product demos
Ideal for
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Food and lodging
  • Amusement parks
  • Consumer retail
  • Call centers
  • Restaurants

Maximize your customers' first in-person experience with your brand by training front line employees to become ambassadors for your brand and it's best qualities.


Brand Ambassador Training helps employees evolve beyond the normal, transactional view of their jobs to focus on truly meeting customer needs and solving problems. Our proven approach includes the following:  


Brand Manners Analysis and Scorecard – a review and evaluation of the current performance of a company’s brand ambassadors and the brand manners they use with customers and clients.


Brand Messaging Development helps businesses turn their mission and vision statements into specific talking points and behavioral guidelines that customer facing employees (and all other employees) can use in order to truly “live” their brand.


Brand Ambassador Training – on-site training sessions that make use of role-playing to help transform employees into brand ambassadors who embody brand qualities and manners.


Brand Ambassador Evaluations helps businesses incorporate brand manners into employees’ performance evaluations, and holds them accountable for living the brand.

Your brand can stand out like nothing else in your space. Contact English Marketing Service to find out more.


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